I have been making tools for green woodworkers, timber framers and log builders since the turn of the century. I have recently started work on a range of tools for land workers as well.


A sturdy tool for cleaving mostly green wood, used with a mallet. Heat treated to suit, made from new spring steel to a tried and tested design. The Eye is tapered, to allow your handle to be fitted effectively. Supplied without handle. You’ve got a stick for now, haven’t you?


Framing Pins

A temporary pin for use in traditional pegged timber frame building. The pin is used in place of the oak peg during construction and assembly of the frame. Forged from solid stainless or mild steel bar, and ground to a smooth finish, with a T-handle (useful for knocking out wooden pegs!). Stainless pins are recommended…


Offset Prickers

Offset Prickers are used to mark Tenons through pre-drilled Mortice holes in Traditional Timber Frame joints. The tenon is then removed, and drilled where the mark indicates: 4mm closer to the shoulder than the centre of the peg hole in the mortice. When the joint is re-assembled and the peg driven in, the offset of…


Timber Trolley

A solid yard trolley on pneumatic tyres, capable of single handed moving of timber up to one ton, so that is up to 28 foot long, 12”x12” green oak. A must for the solo framer, and for busy framing yards. Works best when 1 to 2 inches below your standard trestle height. Usual heights are…


Peeling Knife

A Norwegian style curved Drawknife used to remove the bark and to smooth logs prior to logbuilding. Also suitable for other uses. Approx. 13″ blade. Peeling Knife £180 including leather cover



Well-balanced, sturdy and essential tool, effectively a draw gouge, for cleaning up the hollow in the underside of the log. These come with a cutting edge of hardened and tempered carbon steel. Leather cover included.



A straight drawknife with 10” blade. Leather cover included.


Hewing Dogs

For holding timber still while hewing (squaring up) and other operations. Length: 500mm or 800mm. £70/pair.


Puppy Dogs

For holding round logs absolutely fast while working on or scribing them. £38/pair.


Peg Die

For making Oak pegs for traditional timber frame joints. Tapered inside for easy passage.