About Windy Smithy

The Windy Smithy is Jon Snow’s semi mobile workshop in the Blackdown Hills in Devon.
Jon specialises in Tools for Carpenters and Outdoor Fires, as well as continuing to supply Flue and Flashings to people living in small and unusual spaces.

Ironwork commissions are also welcome.

The first incarnation of the Windy Smithy was when Jon built a forge made from an old gas bottle (with a car blower fan powered by a wind generator), on a muddy drove in north Wales in 1996.

Originally inspired by the desire to make quality hand tools for low impact and developing communities, he went on to study Blacksmithing and Metalwork at Hereford College. Subsequently, the huge demand for affordable and efficient wood burners meant that a new and improved burner design evolved from an already superb pattern available at the time; these proved to be enduringly popular over the years and we made many thousands of these from 1999 to 2021.

The decision was made to halt woodburner production in 2022.

Jon is now concentrating on tools for carpenters and other forgework, as well as advising on and supplying flue and flashings for people living in small and unusual spaces.

Spares, accessories and repairs of our woodburners are still available.

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Windy Smithy
Windy Smithy

What we make

Hand tools for Carpenters: We make Drawknives, Framing Pins, Offset Prickers, Timber Trolleys and other tools, primarily for Timber Framers and Green Woodworkers.

Fire Saucers and outdoor cooking: Fire Saucers are portable firepits that can be used in many situations where it just wouldn’t be possible to sit around an open fire otherwise.

Flue kits and components: We supply flue and flashings for unusual woodburner installations, as well as spare parts and repairs for Windysmithy Woodburners.